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The book ‘101 shining stars of Islamic history’ is a collection of over hundred lives of the Muslim dignitaries who performed great services in Islamic history. The blessings of Islam, we are enjoying today, should prompt us to think for a moment, that how this gift reached us freely. This quest opens the door of a long story of tears and torture, zeal and chivalry, blood and martyrdom. We should remember the sacrifices of Sayyedna Bilal, Yaser, Ammar, Khabbab and others We should read the stories of Umm Salama who was deprived of her husband and infant son and left alone crying in the valleys of Makkah. We should not forget Somayya who was the first Shaheeda of Islam. We should remember the fourteen martyrs of Badr Battle including the young aged Omair and seventy martyrs of Ohud including Sayyed Shohada Hamza bin Abdul Muttaleb. Let us pass for few moments over these events:
Islamic history is the Galaxy of Bright stars where thousands stars shine from different corners of the world. Many books in Arabic, English and other languages have been written with different selection of dignitaries. We selected the personalities which are generally not found in many collections. Our particular emphasis is laid on the present era to show that taking inspiration from the past, the Caravan of Islam is moving forward even in our times. Latest entries of Dr. Abdur Rahman Sumait, Dr. Hamidullah, Dr. Kamla Surayya, Sh. Ahmad Deedat, Sh. Abu Hasan Nadvi, Sh. Nematullah and Dr. Fuad Sezgin are few of them. The main purpose of this collection is to show that these dignitaries were all man like us. They recorded marvelous achievement during their short span of life. By advocating the Truth of Islam and bearing the hardships with perseverance, they succeed in their missions. We should also scrutinize our activities and overhaul our life pattern to win the great achievements. This is our Message to the new generations. May Almighty Allah accept our prayer, and award all those mentioned in the books and their author, publisher and the readers. Ameen.
The collection of 101 entries is divided into five books entitled as Sahaba 2.Sahabiyat 3.The Conquerors 4. The Scholars 5. The Activist of the present time. We express our thanks to Wikipedia and other sites which were referred for these articles. Any mistake may be rectified in the next editions.
Abu Tariq Hijazi
Friday the 2nd Ramadhan 1436AH
Makkah Mkarramah

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