Virtues of Salaat Alan Nabi – (English/Arabic) – (HB)


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This book is the Enligh translation of the Urdu Book ‘Fadhaa’il Durood’, showcasing the importance of Durood Shareef, Quranic verses and Hadeeth mentioning Durood Shareef etc.
This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees).

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“Translator’s Foreword
Once again we consider it a special honor to have been able to humbly present a translation of one of the Urdu works of the illustrious scholar and saintly personality, our Ustaaz, Hadhrat Shaikhul Hadith, Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (may Allah Ta’aala illumine his resting place).
On previous occasions we have endeavoured to translate similar booklets of Hadhrat Shaikh R.A.; viz. ‘Virtues of Ramadhaan’ and ‘Virtues of Haj’. According to reports much benefit has been derived from these, Alhamdulillah. This must surely be as a result of the great need for the facts contained therein, and the personality of the Shaikh R.A.. In this booklet ‘Virtues of Salaat alan Nabi’, our Shaikh R.A. has discussed almost all the necessary aspect of Salaat alan Nabi in a most enlightened and scholarly manner. We are admittedly aware of our shortcomings and feel greatly distressed that we are not able to translate with the same feelings and emotion with which the author wrote it.
The Shaikh R. A. was permanently settled in Medina –the city of Rasulullah (SAW) and for this reason a translation of ‘Fadhaa’il Durood’ would seem appropriate at this stage. Already some progress has been made on another in the Fadhaa’il series, ‘Virtues of Sadaqaat’. We hope that this, as well as all other such translated booklets will be printed soon.
Lastly we beg that all errors be overlooked and pray that Allah Ta’aala grant Hadhrat Shaikh R.A. abundant reward for his lifelong service to Islam. Aameen.
16th Shaw’waal 1402
6th August 1982
Yousuf Karaam
Strand, Cape Province
Republic of South Africa.

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