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Biography and History

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101 Shining Stars Of Islamic History (5 volume set)

" ‘101 Shining Stars of Islamic History’ is collection of five books containing glimpses of more than hundred lives of Islamic dignitaries who played major roles in the Islamic history. This collection is in the honour of those heroes who’s services, sacrifices and perpetual efforts laid the foundation of modern day Islam which has allowed us practice and preach our faith without facing any adverse circumstances. The collection is divided into five parts which are as follows: 1. Sahaba: The Companions - 2. Sahaabiyat - 3. Conquerors and Revolutionaries - 4. Scholars - 5. Activists - This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees). "
₹ 300.00

A Literary History of Persia - (Vol 1 & 2 combined) - (English) - (PB)

This book is a veritable magnum opus covering the Pre-Islamic to the Firdausi periods, including mysticism. The author has made a splendidly thorough study of the subject, basing his conclusions on source material spread over a vast era of almost two millennia. This book will be interesting and useful both to those who have no previous knowledge of Persian culture and history as well as to those who are already well versed in these subjects.
₹ 250.00

A Literary History of Persia - (Vol 3 & 4 combined) - (English) - (PB)

This book is a veritable magnum opus covering the Pre-Islamic to the Firdausi periods, including mysticism. The author has made a splendidly thorough study of the subject, basing his conclusions on source material spread over a vast era of almost two millennia. This book will be interesting and useful both to those who have no previous knowledge of Persian culture and history as well as to those who are already well versed in these subjects.
₹ 250.00

A Literary History of the Arabs - (English) - (HB)

“A Literary History of the Arabs” prepared especially for the students of Arabic, occupies an eminent place in the literary field. The author strictly revised and presented it without alteration. In this book the chief aim of the author is to sketch in broad outlines what the Arabs thought, and to indicate as far as possible the influence which moulded their thought. As the work especially devoted to the literature, almost all poetic conditions relating to the pre-Islamic time and after the Islamic period explained in detail. An effort has been made to make it more comprehensive in changing the method of transliteration in Arabic terms. Of course, this work will be useful for students and teachers of the same faculty.
₹ 350.00

A Literary History of the Arabs - (English) - (HB)

The most authentic book for the study of the history and literature of Arabs. The author's hard work deals in particular with the study of the literary history of the Arabs-the era of Pagans, pre-Islamic Arabic poetry, manners, religion, Prophet Muhammad's Teaching, Qur'anic literature etc
₹ 500.00

A Short History of the Saracens - (English) - (HB)

A concise account of the Rise and Decline of the Saracenic Power and of the Economic, Social, and Intellectual Development of the Arab nations. From the earliest times to the destruction of Baghdad, and the explosion of the Moors from Spain, with maps illustrations and genealogical tables.
₹ 300.00

Abdullah (The Father of Holy Prophet) - (English) - (PB)

"This book shines light on the life of a man whose son was chosen by Allah to be his beloved Prophet? Abdullah, the father of the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the descendant of three prophets. He was a unique man among his contemporaries. He was righteous when men of his age were generally profligate. This book gives a highlight on Abdullah and gives an idea about his personality. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 30.00

Abul Fazal`s Akbar Namah Vol.I - (Persian Text ) - (HB)

"Abul Fazal’s Akbar Namah or the History of Akbar’s reign is surely the most complete record that has ever been compiled on the affairs of any ones court. It comprises of three volumes which deal with the birth and horoscope of Akbar, the genealogy of his ancestor of the house of Timur and the history of Babar and Humayun and history of Akbar’s reign from his accession to the end of the seventeen year."
₹ 300.00

AL-Kindi:The Philosopher Of The Arabs - (English) - (HB)

In this book an attempt is made to present al-Kindi’s philosophy in comprehensive way for the general readers and the students of Arab-Muslims thought. Al-Kindi contributed a lot in philosophical and scientific sphere. The present treatise based on metaphysics and astronomy. It also deals the problems relation between philosophy, religion and ethics.
₹ 195.00

Arabs and Israel (Conflict Or Concilation) - (English) - (PB)

"Arabs And Israel - Conflict or Conciliation' is a book written by Ahmed Deedat to shine light on the controversial topic of the conflict between Jews and Arabs. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 20.00

Concise History of Muslim World - (Set of 3 Vol.) - (English) - (HB)

"This volume starts from the advent of Islam and ends with the pious caliphs. So, to know facts about man's journey from Adam (A. S.) to this day, must study the unbiased history. This is an effort to describe all the main events of Islamic history upto date. This volume starts from Ameer Mauviya, the first Umaiyyad Caliph, explains causes of Dawnfall of Umayyad Dynasty in full length and ends with “The Review of the Umayyad Dynasty”, presents a complete assessment of the achievements and shortcomings of the Umayyads. In this volume the author explains how the caliphate passed on into the hands of Abbaside Dynasty from Umayyads, devastation of Islamic countries by the awful Mangols, beginning of the new period of Ghazan. Khan and the Great Iikhan and their reforms. This volume ends at the Abbaside Caliphate during the period of Ascention. "
₹ 600.00

Contributions to the History of Islamic Civilization - (English) - (HB)

Contributions to the History of Islamic Civilization, is an English translation of Von Kremer's German work Culturgeschichtliche Streifzûge auf dem Gebiete des Islam published earlier.Drawing upon German scholarship on Islam, the book introduces works of various German scholars to the English knowing Orientalists. The main theme of Von Kremer is the influence of Judaism, Christianity, Parseeism and Manichacism on Islam. It also deals with the origin and growth of Islamic sects and the social life of the early as well as the later Muslims. Thus the book traces the changes that the Arab society underwent under the influence of Persian and Byzantinian luxury and licence and the consequent changes in the character of the Islamic State, leading to the anti Arab movements like the Shuubiyyah that paved the way for the destruction of the Arab rule. The comments of Khuda Bukhsh, an Islami observations of Von Kremer enhances the importance of this study.
₹ 250.00

Decisive Moments in the History of Islam - (English) - (PB)

The decisive encounters between the East and West-- Islam and Christendom--in the fields of war or peace had the most far reaching effects on their destinies. This is one of the most important subjects of Islamic history, indeed perhaps the most important of all. Besides its abundant and eventful episodes, it throws much light on this eternal struggle between the East and the West. As many of these events are scantily dealt with by the Islamic chroniclers, careful reference to Western sources and scholars been made to analyse the subject in detail.
₹ 80.00

From Adam To Muhammad - (English) - (PB)

"“From Adam to Mohammad(PBUH)”, authored by Abdur Rahman Shad, fulfills an acute necessity, portraying the lives of a few of the prophets whom Allah has chosen to preserve the records of in the Holy Quran. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 150.00

Great Books of Islamic Civilization - (English) - (HB)

This book is an introductory list of those eminent books that had been written hundreds of years ago. The author has taken pains in collecting such books and classified under eleven different faculties. It is neither research oriented nor planned as a text-book to a comma or colon. The main objective is to introduce the author and the book as briefly as possible. For this purpose relevant information has been brought together and compiled in a simple readable form. As far as possible, information has been drawn from the original texts or their translated edition, and also from secondary sources and reference works. We can see Islamic civilization, culture and thought in these books and can evaluate their achievements through comparing with modern civilization.
₹ 250.00

Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique - (English) - (HB)

Hadrat Abu Bakr is the most respective and eminent personality of Islam. He was the ‘second of the two’ according to the Holy Qur’an. His role was supporting to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and he was the ‘witness of the truth’. He was like a shadow of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) in his life-time. He gave strength to Islam after death of Holy Prophet. His reign was very short but he unified Islam and won outstanding victories. He set the pace for making Islam a world force. Although Abu Bakr was the outstanding personality of Islam but there have not much been written on him in English. The author has taken great pains in collecting authentic books on him and prepared this biography in comprehensive language. He has tried to present this biography in a scientific way. He analysed the causes responsible for the success of Hadrat Abu Bakr and evaluated the various aspects of his greatness. This book is a framework and the teachers, students and other curious readers can ponder and discover the greatness of Hadrat Abu Bakr.
₹ 330.00

Hadrat Ali (His Right to Caliphate) - (English) - (PB)

Hadrat AIi His Right to Caliphate throws light on the religious and political aspects of the life of Hadrat Ali (R.A). It also shows that the religion and the politics are things integral to other. AIi was a close relative to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the first male Muslim. If he expected the caliphate he was right. He was also the advisor of the three caliphs namely Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman. This book narrows the widening gap between the two important groups i.e. Shias and Sunnis. It is an objective study and a valuable work on the subject.
₹ 225.00

Hadrat Ali Murtada (R.A.A.) - (English) - (HB)

"Prof. Masudul Hasan has written the biographies of all the four rightly guided Caliphs. His approach has been scientific and objective. He expressed the facts and events as they happened. This biography of Hadrat Ali Murtada (R.A) shows, in lime light, his life and his achievements which were either coloured or exaggerated by other authors. Hadrat Ali’s true greatness which is of a different type, has been dealt with, in all dimensions with great accuracy, suppressing no facts, about his life. The Caliphate issue is also discussed at length, According to the author this issue was a political one. It was made a religious issue later on. In fact, Hadrat Ali (R.A) himself in his writings “Nahjul Balagha” expressed only his unhappiness in being passed over in the election of the Caliph. He did not blame anybody. Other matters like battle of Siffin and revolt of Kharijites have also been discussed objectively. In short, this book fills up the blanks left by the other authors in their writings to make it a perfect biography."
₹ 350.00

Hadrat Bilal - (English) - (PB)

"This book is a brief life sketch of Hadrat Bilal, the first Muadhdhin of the Prophet of Islam. It is not an exact translation but an adaptation from an Arabic book entitled ‘Bilal Ibn Ribah, The Muadhdhin of the Prophet’ by ‘Abbas Mahmood al-’Akkad. In this book the main aim of the author is to present true character of Hadrat Bilal, who rose to unparalleled heights from the depth of slavery due entirely to his devotion to Islam and complete submission to the Will of Allah, in addition to his exemplary dedication to the Prophet Muhammad."
₹ 35.00

Hadrat Othman Ghani(R.A.A) - (English) - (HB)

Prof. Masudul Hasan claims that this book is an authentic biography of Hadrat Othman Ghani (R.A.) in English. There is only a scanty source material regarding his life, character and achievements the available material and information shows that Hadrat Othman Ghani (R.A.) has fallen a victim to the prejudice of the early writers.In this biography he has given a just and coherrent account about Caliph Hadrat Othman Ghani (R.A.). The author writes that the failure of Hadrat Othman (R.A.) was not due to his own faults. It was due to causes beyond his control.He wrote this book to bring the truth into light so that due honour may be paid to Hadrat Othman (R.A.)The Book is divided into seven chapters, each dealing with an important aspect of his life.In short this is an original research work, expressing the new facts about the life of Hadrat Othman (R.A.).Author has given his own assessment of the Caliph projecting his distinctions which others failed to see.He has given the reasons why in spite of being a good virtuous man, Hadrat Othman (R.A.) did not succeed as a Caliph. His place in Islamic history is discussed in detail.He has also written biographies of Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.) and Hadrat Umar Farooq (R.A.) which are very popular among Muslim readers.
₹ 260.00

Hadrat Umar Farooq (R.A.A) - (English) - (HB)

In the history of mankind, Hadrat Umar occupies a unique position. He is the greatest of all the names that have come in the history as–great conquerors, empire-builders, administrators and statesmen. He established Arabia as world-power. He set standards of republican democratic behaviour which have not been surpassed so far. He was the Head of the largest State of the world, but he lived the life of a common man. His greatness was acknowledged by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) when he said that if there were to be any Prophet after him it would have been Hadrat Umar. Verily Hadrat Umar was not a prophet, but he did things which a prophet have done. He was the man of strong character and strong will who made history.  It is a matter of great regret that no much authentic books are available in English on him. So the author has pondered over the matter and produced this biography of Hadrat Umar. He analysed all the events in detail and evaluated him with great honour and honesty. Its language is very simple and comprehensive. This book will be useful for the teachers, students and other inquisitive readers.
₹ 500.00

Hayatus Sahabah (International) - (3 Vol. Set) - (English ) - (HB)

"This is a three volume set of books containing the biographies of Sahabahs and their way of living a simple life highlighting their love and determination towards Allah (SWT). This book will help us to learn the ways how our sahabahs had lived and what we need to do in order to get the reward for our good deeds. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 1500.00

Hazrat Bilal - ( English) - (PB)

"This book holds the biography of Hazrat Bilal (RAA) who was the companion of Prophet (PBUH) and the first Muadhdhin of Islam. He raised the unparalleled heights from the depth of slavery due entirely to his single minded devotion to Islam. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 50.00

History of Islamic Civilization - (English) - (HB)

This book is the English translation of the Jurji Zaydan’s Arabic text. It is a significant study for those who cannot read Arabic. Containing only three chapters it presents the history of Islamic civilization between Umayyads and Abbasids period in detail.
₹ 200.00

History of Islamic Education in India and nadvat Ul-Ulama - (English) - (PB)

"1857 was the turning point for the Indians especially for the Muslims. They were enjoying upper hand in the society but now their position was weakened and they suddenly found themselves nowhere. When they came out of the shocks of the time they realised their pitiable condition. The worst was in the field of education. Some very sincere efforts were made in this field by those who knew that with the change of the time and in fastly developing conditions of the world it would not be possible for anyone to stand on his own foot without proper education and modern know how. Those who were very religious in their thoughts considered that the religious education has to be given the utmost priority and religious institutions are to be opened to help prove those deteriorating conditions. The others who were minutely observing the changes in all the spheres life in the world thought that only religious education will not get them any place in the fastly changing world scenario. They were of the opinion t modem education especially the knowledge and learning of English, which has become the need of the time, will the most beneficial way to compete the challenges of the time. Those belonging to the first category established Dar ul-uloom Deoband and formulated a syllabus strictly based on religious studies or so-called Darse-Nizamia. They did not include any modern educational system and more so they thought that it will take Muslim society far away from the religion. The other who were in favour of Modern education and were keeping an eye on the future were strictly of the opinion that modern education is the only remedy of the worsening and decaying conditions of the Muslims. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who was the pioneer of this thought."
₹ 230.00

History of the Caliphs (Jalaluddin A.Suyuti) - (English) - (HB)

Extensive as is the reputation of the Suyuti as a distinguished author and scholar, and unsurpassed for the number and range of the works which in every branch of literature known to his age, his unwearied pen never ceased to produce, we are indebted to the malice or envy of but one of his contemporaries and to his own testimony, for the few details of his life and studies that we possess. Reference to one or other of his multitudinous volumes is made by writers of his own and succeeding times where the kindred subject of which they treat naturally calls for it, but only one contemporary biographical notice of him besides his own, is extant.
₹ 600.00

How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs - (English) - (PB)

Greak Scientific through had been in the world for a long time before it reached the Arabs and during that period it had already spread in various directions.
₹ 120.00

IBN Khaldun:His Life and Works - (English) - (HB)

A comparative and critical study of the life of the historian and philosopher, Ibn Khaldun, acknowledged by Western critics to be the founder of modern sociology, his intellectual and social legacy, his method and style.
₹ 150.00

IBN Khallikans Wafayat Al-Ayan Waanba Abna Al-Zaman Biographical Dictionary(Set of 7 Vol.) - (English) - (HB)

"This is a monumental work of Ibn Khallikan, an eminent jurist consult and distinguished historian. The author had gained name and fame through this book because it attracted the attention of Orientalists in early nineteenth century. The translator, a well-known scholar, Mr. M.G. de Slane brought out its first edition in 1838. Then he published its English translation. As he has not properly transliterated the oriental names, necessary correction have been made in their orthography. In footnotes the editor has also added the corresponding Christian dates of events on the basis of Eduard Mahler's calculation; de Slane has given the names of the months only. Its usefulness is obvious in the statement of an oriental scholar Mr. Brockelmann- ""It is one of the most important aids to the study of biographical and literary history."" Therefore, it has a great importance of civil and literary history of Muslim people. From its first appearance till the present day its reputation has continued and undiminished. It will provide with valuable materials to the Islamic research students as well as teachers and historians. Abu-l ‘Abbas Ahmad ibn Khallikan was born at Arbela, Iraq, in 1211 CE. By his talents and his writings he received the title of the most learned man and the ablest historian of that city. He studied jurisprudence at Mosul and after a brief stay at Damascus, settled in Cairo, where he gained pre-eminence as a jurist, a theologian, and a grammarian. He married in 1252 CE. He left Cairo to become judge (kadi) of Damascus in 1269 CE. When he was removed later, he returned to Cairo to take up a professorship and to act as deputy to the chief judge. He returned to Damascus to a triumphant welcome to become kadi again, a post he relinquished in 1281 CE, one year before his death. Ibn Khallikan’s most famous work is this, ""The Obituaries of Eminent Men"", often referred to as The Biographical Dictionary. It has always been considered as a work of highest importance for the civil and literary history of the Muslim people. It is of enormous scope—the English translation by Mac Guckin de Slane occupies over 2,700 pages— and it is not surprising that later Arabic historians filled their pages with extracts from his work, and that Arabic rhetoricians, grammarians, and compilers of anecdotes have taken choice passages from it. Khallikan restricted his coverage to those persons who held a conspicuous place in the Muslim world. The pages are full of accounts of individuals who have risen to or fallen from power by intrigue or force, of leaders of military campaigns, of learned men, and of poets. Some historians have in fact criticized him for his concision in recounting the lives of men eminent for the learning in religious law compared with the many pages he might devote to a poet or a literary man. It is also noticeable that he prefers to relate anecdotes illustrating the humanistic character of his subjects rather than describing their lives in full. It is these features that make his work of wider interest to the world outside of Islam. The short extracts presented here rely chiefly on Khallikan’s lives of the poets. The very long Arabic names included contain the genealogy of the person named, and are thus important in a biographical work."
₹ 2200.00

IBN Saad ' s Kitab Al - Tabaqat Al - Kabir - (English) - (HB)

"In view of the importance of Ibn Sad’s Kitabal-Tabaqatal-Kabir as one of the earliest works on the biographical literature of Islam and a valuable source of information for the students of Islamic history as well as scholars engaged in research, the Society has decided to publish an English translation of this voluminous book. The Urdu translation of the Tabaqat was published by the Translation Bureau, Hyderabed Deccan, in 1944; this however is now out of print. Moreover, it does not contain the full chains of narrators as given in the original. No doubts, many of the narrations included in the Tabaqat are fabricated and untrustworthy and cannot be accepted as authority, but the book is a vast mine of information, and the modern reader will find considerable material which is useful for the early history of Islam."
₹ 500.00

Ibne Arabi - (English) - (PB)

It is the biography of Great Mystic Shaikh Ibne-Arabi containing his early life, the representative works and sayings with his noteworthy views on prince topics of God, Prophethood and revelation.As per general opinion he was a controversial personality among his contemporaries, As the adherent sufis and orientalist hailed him considering a mystic of rare eminence while opponent scholars denounced him calling a heretic, a Zindiq. Thus to draw out the pearl of reality, a thorough study of this book, in sight, is probably unavoidable.
₹ 60.00

Imam Abu Hanifah Life And Works - (English) - (PB)

"No other Muslim has as many biographies written of him as Abu Hanifah has, which shows how high he ranks among the celebrities of Islam. This book is one such effort to put forward various aspects of Abu Hanifah’s life such as, His ancestry, education his teachers and personality including his character and habits, anecdotes about his wit and wisdom, as well as his writings, beliefs and kalaam. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 100.00