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Islamic Law and Shariah

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Al-Sharia(Sunni & Imamiyah Code) - (English) - (HB)

Deduced from : Fatawa-e-Alamgiri;  Fatawa-e-Sirajiyyah; Sharifiyyah;  Sirajiyyah;  Durrul Mukhtar; Hidaya; Sharhul Vikayah; Jami’ur Ramuz; Sharayaul Islam; Rouzatul Ahkam; Mufatih; Irshad and Tahrirul Ahkam. The book starts with a vivid introductory discourse on the origin of muslim law followed by a historical account of the great prophet of islam (peace be upon him), and traces the growth and development of the law and creation of the various sects through the ages.
₹ 700.00

Arab Muslim Administration - (English) - (HB)

It was deemed necessary to compile a work on Administration at Madina, Damascus, Baghdad, Cordova and Cario at different periods. It seek to give a vivid picture of the administrative set-up of the governments, civil and military, albiet brief and short. While dealing with the instructions of administration their historical growth and development have been kept in view throughout the discussion on their assessment has been made in the Resume.
₹ 130.00

Bahishti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments) - (English) - (PB)

"Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi is the author of more than a thousand books. Muslims throughout the world are benefiting from all his books, he never reserved their copyright for himself and permitted all the Muslim Publishers to publish them of their will. 'Bahishti Zewar' is a collection of remedies which was compiled for the purpose of improvement in the lives of people in the light of religion, Sunnah and the traditions. Countless blessing of Allah may descend upon the grave of Maulana Thanvi who imparted knowledge of Islam to a novice like us. This is an English translation by Muhammed Masroor Khan Saroha. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 160.00

Business Ethics in Islam - (English) - (PB)

The present work attempts to answer the question: what characterizes a Muslim’s behavior in business life? The author  answers by saying that the Qur’an lays down a set of principles to provide guidance for the conduct of a Muslim businessman. This guidance consists not merely of ‘laws’, but also of ethical norms. Thus a Muslim is urged not only to give others their due; rather to give even more than what one legally owes them so as to fulfill the requirements of benevolence and magnanimity. Likewise, he is expected not only to shun all that is prohibited, but also to abstain from actions about which his conscience does not feel fully at rest. The author emphatically argues that the Islamic world-view, with its emphasis on the Hereafter, fosters an outlook which significantly differs from that prevalent in the present times. Moreover, it is God’s will as revealed to God’s Prophets rather than the frail reason of human beings to which one ought to primarily turn for guidance. In sum, the business ethics of Islam has a distinct entity both in terms of its underlying spirit and its content.
₹ 260.00

Criminal Law Of Islam (4 Vol.Set) - (English) - (HB)

Indian Law relating to Criminal Breach of Trust is suppose to be most up-to-date and modern man made law. The comparison of Islamic Criminal Breach of Trust has been made with a view that it may also be tested and its worth known to the modern world.Book is useful for research scholars, law students, judges as well as reformists.Suggestions proposed in the book if given due place Islamic Law would be better suiting to the modern requirements which need a change.
₹ 950.00

Duroosul Fiq-h - 2 - (English/Arabic) - (PB)

"It is a series of five book that compiles of the diniyaat lessons extracted from the talimul islam by Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Kafayaullah Saheb. It has the excellence of defining Islamic perspective in the simplest term. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 50.00

Duroosul Fiq-h - 3 - (English/Arabic) - (PB)

"It is a series of five book that compiles of the diniyaat lessons extracted from the talimul islam by Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Kafayaullah Saheb. It has the excellence of defining Islamic perspective in the simplest term. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 80.00

Duroosul Fiq-h - 4 - (English/Arabic) - (PB)

"It is a series of five book that compiles of the diniyaat lessons extracted from the talimul islam by Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Kafayaullah Saheb. It has the excellence of defining Islamic perspective in the simplest term. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 90.00

Duroosul Fiq-h - 5 - (English/Arabic) - (PB)

"It is a series of five book that compiles of the diniyaat lessons extracted from the talimul islam by Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Kafayaullah Saheb. It has the excellence of defining Islamic perspective in the simplest term. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 40.00

Duroosul Fiq-h -1 - (English/Arabic) - (PB)

"It is a series of five book that compiles of the diniyaat lessons extracted from the talimul islam by Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Kafayaullah Saheb. It has the excellence of defining Islamic perspective in the simplest term. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 40.00

Economic Justice in Islam - (English) - (HB)

An attempt has been made in this book to bring out the distinguished features of the economic systems of Islam, concerned with the concrete problem of economic life and their solution according to the Shari’ah. Attention is focused on the system of land tenure and the development of the minor resources, stressing the basic principle of Islam that the gifts of Nature be always free without any man or human agency, such as the State, charging any rent for the same. The prohibition of riba is beyond all questions, but it is not the panacea for all the economic ills.
₹ 90.00

Economics in Islamic Law - (English) - (HB)

The book in its present shape, will be immense utility. It is a humble contribution to the true spirit of Economics in Islamic Law as envisaged in the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith. The author has deep in sight in the intricacies of the subject and with a view to catering to the requirements of those readers, who desire to have a background knowledge of Economics in Islamic Law and Western model of Economics in general, the present work will be of immense help to him.
₹ 125.00

Fatawa E Qazi Khan - (Arabic/English) - (Set of 2 Vol.) - (HB)

The Fatwa-e-Qazi Khan is one of the best collection of Fatawas of the Hanafi School of Thought. It consists of two volumes containing 500 verses from the Holy Qur’an and 290 Traditions of the Holy Prophet, relating to the subjects of marriage, dower, divorce, legitimacy and guardianship of minors. These fatawas are replete with the cases of common occurrence, generally illustrated by proofs and reasoning on which they are based. 
₹ 1000.00

Fiqh-us-Sunnah - (English) - (HB)

"“Fiqh - us - Sunnah” is a five book collection covering every major aspect of a life of a Muslim such as purification, prayer, zakat, fasting, funerals, Hajj and Umrah in a detailed manner, strictly under the light of Quran and Sunnah. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 700.00

Ghibah (Backbiting) The Root Cause of All Evil (The Commands and Prohibitions of the Shariah - (English) - (PB)

Islam is a religion of peace, love and compassion. Lies, suspicion, backbiting, slander, vain talk; all these are anathema to Islam. Indeed,. Such negative activity sows the seeds of enmity among the people and ultimately brings about the downfall of society. Backbiting (gibah) in particular, according to the Quran, is not just a common social evil, but rather an abhorrent act, a major sin, the equivalent of eating ones brother's flesh.
₹ 110.00

How to Calculate Inheritance - ( A Simple Approach) - (English) - (PB)

Islamic society has its foundation in Islamic idealism of which Islamic jurisprudence is an important element. Indeed, its legal system forms the bedrock of the equitable and just society that Islam aims to establish. The Islamic law of Inheritance, dealing with the subject of the distribution of inheritance, the principles of which are based on divine knowledge and wisdom, has been made explicit in the Quran and the Hadith. Therefore, ignorance of it is tantamount to gross negligence of divine laws. A Muslim must aim at a proper understanding of these laws in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.
₹ 150.00

Human Rights in Islam - (English) - (PB)

A concise and comprehensive presentation of the nature and position of Human Rights in Islam and the safeguards which it provides against their violation. The work also includes a brief account of Islamic concept of state, its political framework, its ideal model that prevailed during the days of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and pious Caliphs alongwith other related topics.
₹ 150.00

Islamic Business Ethics - (English) - (PB)

"This book addresses Muslim business community members who have to deal with ethical situations on a day to day basis. It gives key principles of management from an Islamic point of view. Its goal is to help Muslims engaged in business to act in accordance with the Islamic system of ethics. The author’s experience with different Islamic activities gives him a practical background that supports and enlightens his academic knowledge in the vital fields of business management and administration."
₹ 70.00

Islamic Law of Business organisation (Partnerships) - (English) - (PB)

The recent decades have witnessed a strong assertion of Islamic identity. One of its manifestations is the insistence on the part of Muslims that all institutions of life should be brought in conformity with Islamic principles. This necessitates exploring Islamic principles relevant to such institutions as well as developing clear ideas as to how those principles would be applied in the changed circumstances of the present age. Imran Ahsan Nyazee has addressed himself to these very questions in the present work and has attempted to spell out the Islamic principles on which business enterprise should be based specially in the area of partnership. In this exercise he displays a strikingly acute awareness of Islamic laws on the subject. This, however, is matches by an equally striking awareness of the forms of business organization in vogue in the contemporary world. What is perhaps no less striking is the author’s robust confidence in Islamic law and its distinct approach to the problems of life, including business and finance. He feels unhappy with those Muslims who, instead taking up the challenge to build institutions of business and finance in the light of Islamic principles, resort to the less strenuous task of uncritically appropriating Western institutions. Nyazee is convinced that the Islamic legal principles at variance with the contemporary laws and practices in business and finance are instrinsically sound and are preferable to their counterparts prevailing in the present times. The work primarily represents a serious Scholarly effort to sort out complicated questions such as those mentioned above, to enunciate Islamic principles relative to business enterprise, and to apply them in the changed context of present—day business.
₹ 350.00

Islamic Law of Inheritance (A New Approach) - (English) - (PB)

Ilm-ul-Faraiz, i.e. the Islamic Law of Inheritance, is the most important branch of Shariah (Islamic Law). A rigid and clear-cut rules of inheritance have been mentioned in ‘Sura al-Nisa (al-Qur’an). It is also needed to academic point of view. Very few writers and scholars ventured on writing a critical comprehensive and simplified treatise on this important branch of Muslim Law. This book is the need of this time. It contains some special chapters which not only counter the unfair and biased comments and criticisms of so called Orientalists, Western writers and examiners of Islam but also provides the clear insight of the laws of inheritance in Islam. The simplification of the difficult principles through novel methods and illustrations is the speciality of this work.
₹ 150.00

Islamic System of Justice (English)(HB)

‘Islamic System of Justice’ may say to be a concise book on Islamic law but its utility and authenticity is obvious. The author has examined the system of justice in true perspective of the law and criticised it on true evidence of the Islamic Traditions, Qur’an and Sharia. He especially taken a chapter in describing the duties of Islamic Judge against the lawlessness and evils in the society. He further examined the man-made law in the light of the evidence of real book of Allah (Qur’an), Traditions and Sharia. He has also criticised the Egyptian Law. Obligation of Jihad and Conflicts between Islam and Imperialism are given in separate Chapters. This book is useful for law students and for those who have an interest in Islamic law.
₹ 60.00

Judicial System of Islam - (English) - (HB

A great admirable work of the author on the subject of Administration of Justice in Islam. It unfolds the principles of the justice which are being followed in the modern civilized world, at least in spirit. This contribution is laudable as it presents the vast theme in a concise form and may satisfy the urge for knowledge of lawyers, judicial officers, students and others who may be interested in the subject.
₹ 80.00

Matrimonial Law in India - (English) - (PB)

The conversion to Islam is widely misunderstood and misinterpreted. The book analyses the concept of conversion under Islam in the light of Qur’anic Provisions and examines the different problems generated by such conversions in India. On account of the existence of various personal laws in Indian Legal System, the Conversion to Islam gives birth to manifold problems and the badly affected area is marriage. The book analyses the various rules governing conversion to Islam and their relationship with Hindu, Christian, Parsi and Jewish personal laws. To achieve a complete harmony between conflicting matrimonial laws, some measures have been suggested which may prove useful in resolving those controversies. The book will be of immense value not only to the students of law but to the lawyers and researchers alike.
₹ 175.00

Minhaj Et Talibin (A Manual of Muhammadan Law) - (English) - (HB)

"The Laws of Shariah according to the school (Madhab) of Imam Shafi. This book is suitable for a Muslim whether he or she is an ordinary householder, worshipper, a spouse concerned with marriage, divorce or maintenance, or an administrator of waqf, a testator, a trader, cultivator, joint stock holder. a lawyer, a judge, employer, employee, trustee, or a student of commerce, a donar of gift, a guardian. It is well known that Imam al-Nawawi, is a pillar of the Shafi madhhab among the late scholars, so what he states and deems weightier in the madhhab is relied upon, not anything else. This is the position of the majority of shafii imams. Hence, all of his books are relied upon. This book is a concise summary that comprises most investigations, questions, and essential rulings in a language that is succinct, easy and accurate, well arranged and it points out the differences of opinions in the madhhab without unnecessary elaboration. However the Translation does not do justice to this work because it is translated from the French by Orientalists."
₹ 450.00

Muhammadan Law (Set of 2 Vol.) - (English) - (HB)

Sayed Ameer Ali, who not only occupied an eminent position in the field of Islamic Law, but his word in the last subject brought out this treatise, on Muhammadan Law consulting nearly thirty recognised authorities and embodied their statements in this compilation. It deals with the law of gifts, wakfs, wills, pre-emption and bailment in the first Volume and Succession and Status in the second.
₹ 900.00

Permitted and The Prohibited in Islam - (English) - (HB)

Islam has laid down some universal fundamental rights for humanity as a whole, which are to be observed and respected under all circumstances. To achieve these rights Islam provides not only legal safeguards but also a very effective moral system. Thus whatever leads to the welfare of the individual or the society is morally good in Islam and whatever is injurious is morally bad. The book by no means presents all dimensions of the discussion relating to each issue. However, it may prove useful to fulfill the needs of the Muslim communities living in the English-speaking world.
₹ 195.00

Punishment of Apostasy in Islam - (English) - (HB)

Justice S.A. Rahman has examined this vital question in the light of the Qur’an, the Sunnah, the practice of the “Rightly-Guided” Caliphs and the opinions of renowned Doctors of Law on the subject. This research study, it is hoped, would be of interest to our legislators, judges, members of the legal profession, Islamic educational institutions as well as to the intelligent lay reader.
₹ 95.00

Sales and Contract in Early Islamic Commercial Law - (English) - (HB)

Sales and Contracts in Early Islamic Commercial Law presents a study of business practices in the early period of Islamic history. Today when the world is moving from geo-politics to geo-economics, the Muslim Ummah is obliged to offer an effective alternative to materialistic and atheistic capitalist economic ideology. The present book, a comprehensive study of market economy in early Islam, provides foundational material for further studies in Islamic economics.   This book deals with following subjects: Pre-Islamic commerce, Qur’anic teachings, ethics of trade and market, contracts, void-ability, risk, restrictions, partnership deposits, loans, pledge, interdiction, hiring, commercial disputes and judicial settlements.
₹ 280.00

Shah Bano Judgment in Islamic Perspective - (English) - (HB)

It is a modest attempt to analyse the current problem of Maintenance of wives and divorced wives under Muslim Law, Statutory Laws and Practice the Courts in India. The Shah Bano case gave new dimension to the present study.
₹ 250.00

Shatibi ' s Philosophy and Islamic Law - (English) - (HB)

“Into this admittedly difficult arena that is full of conflicting views enters Dr. Masud to lead us step by step in a fascinating way to what he considers the true import of Shatibi’s views concerning Jurisprudence or usul al-fiqh. From all indications, this book should be considered the definitive work on al-Shatib‚ and his legal philosophy. “Scholars of Islamic law and Islamists generally are very much in debt to Dr. Masud for this major contribution.”
₹ 300.00

Social Justice in Islam - (English) - (HB)

Western theoretical approaches of modernization, development, social progress and interaction, have failed to understand the dynamics of the Islamic revival. Deina Abdelkader, in this seminal work argues that questions of social justice are indelibly tied to the phenomenon of contemporary Islamic resurgence as the quest for social justice is in fact motivated by the Shari’ah-hence an integral part of Islamic life and weltan-shauung. Using the two sources of maqasid and maslahah, and through the examination of the dialectical link between fiqh and reality, the author shows their indispensability as important methodological tools for the study of the social sciences and, indeed, of social phenomena. 
₹ 50.00

The Administration of Justice in Islam - (English) - (PB)

It traces the development of law beginning from the era of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) continuing through the periods of Khulafa-i-Rashidin, the Umayyads, Abbasids and Fatimid Caliphate, the Muslim suzerainty over parts of Europe and Spain, the Turkish Empire and Muslim rule in Egypt, Persia and India and ending with the fall of the Mughal Empire.
₹ 125.00

The Authority of Sunnah - (English) - (HB)

A subject cherished by Muslims all over the world yet Misconstrued, Misargued, Disarrayed specially in the English language writings written for the general reader interested in an authentically correct presentation of the second source of Islamic Law and love, ‘The Authority of Sunnah’ will take you into the much publicised year 2000, and beyond Basic, simple, informative educative, pleasing, authentic and every reassuring; answering doubts, removing cobwebs woven by those oriented by and to Orientalists.
₹ 180.00

The Doctrine of Ijma in Islam - (English) - (PB)

Ijma’ (consensus) is one of the four basic principles of Islamic Jurisprudence. It has played a vital social and cultural role in the integration of the Muslim community and in the information of institutions. The author has critically studied this doctrine from various angles. The book provides a deep understanding and clear analysis of a difficult problem.
₹ 250.00

The Durr-ul-Mukhtar - (Arabic/English) - (HB)

This book was written in 1070 Hijri by Sheikh Muhammad Alaud-din who was a Mufti at Damascus for a long time. This work was translated by justice B.M. Dayal with great authority. It is an authentic work on Marriage, Dower, Talaq, Rights and obligations of spouses, Nalqah, Wakf, gift, wills and Inheritance.
₹ 350.00

The Essential Hanafi Hand Book of Fiqh - (English) - (HB)

This book was undertaken specifically with a view toward providing the English-speaking Muslim who possesses a knowledge of at least the fundamentals of Fiqh and Shariat with a reliable and authentic text book of standard Hanafi Fiqh.
₹ 170.00

The Hedaya (Commentary on the Islamic Law) - (English) - (HB)

The book enshrines the basic principles of Islamic Law on every aspect of life, and on every subject. The importance of this book cannot be exaggerated. It is referred in all courts in their judgments and by authors on Islamic Laws in their treaties.
₹ 700.00

The Islamic Law of Evidence - (English) - (PB)

Prof. Dr. Anawarullah has very aptly arranged the subject and collected possible material from the original sources. He has divided the work into seven  chapters. The first deals with the Shahadah (testimony), the second deals with Confession/Admissions, the third with Circumstantial Evidence, the fourth with Expert Evidence, the fifth with Oath, the sixth with the personal knowledge of the Judge and he last is miscellaneous.  The main aim of this law is that an innocent must not be punished and a guilty must not escape punishment. As every one is presumed to be inherently innocent, only  a conclusive evidence can overcome this presumption. The book is first of its kind in English and leaves no important point untouched. The author deserves to be congratulated for his well-reasoned work. The book will serve as a foundation for the beginners, a support for those who are practicing lawyers and an aid to those who administer laws. It will also be equally useful for those who want material for comparative study of the subject.
₹ 90.00

The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam - (English) - (HB)

The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam has, since its first  publication in 1960, enjoyed a huge readership. It dispels the ambiguities surrounding the Shari‘ah, serving as an essential reference work for the Muslims of this age. It clarifies the Lawful (halãl) and why it is lawful,  and the prohibited (harãm) and why it is prohibited, referring to the Qur’ãn and the Sunnah. It answers many of the questions which Muslims may face today, and refutes the ambiguities and lies about Islam. In a very simple way, the book delves into the authentic references in Islamic  jurisprudence and fiqh to extract judgments of interest to contemporary Muslims on matters of worship, business dealings, marriage and divorce, food and drink, dress and adornment, patterns of behaviour, individual and group relations, family and social ethics, habits and social  customs. Referring to authentic texts, it clarifies that “Permissibility is the rule in everything, unless it is otherwise specified in matters that adversely affect individuals or groups.” It also stipulates that “Allah is  the only authority who has the right to legislate for the lawful and  the prohibited.”
₹ 200.00

The Muslim Law of Divorce - (English) - (HB)

The Author, has taken great pains in bringing out the rules applicable to each of the schools of thought. He has drawn extensively upon basic authorities and texts of Muslim Law, thus enriching this treatise and enhancing its value and interest to all those concerned with the subject. His approach is analytical, and the comparative study of the different systems of law has been under taken without bias and any pre-conceived notions.
₹ 600.00

The Muslim Law of Inheritance - (English) - (HB)

This work treats the principles with govern the inheritance of the deceased’s property among the Muslims of the Sunni Hanafi Sect. It contains the text and translation of the renowned work on Muslim Law named the ‘Sirajiyah’ with a commentary by the learned author, Al-Haj Muhammad Ullah. The Qur’anic verses and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) relating to the subject, are also included.  It is an exhaustive work on the law of inheritance and unique in exposition of law and the manner of its treatment.
₹ 180.00

The Muslim Law of Marriage - (English) - (HB)

This book deals with a variety of subjects relating to the Muslim marriage, such as Dower, Divorce, including Lian, Zihar, Ila, Khula, Rajat, Repudiation and restitution of conjugal rights, also with the law relating to agency; guardianship and maintenance. The comparative account of the Law of Marriage, as practised among the various nations particularly the Christians, and the Hindus, simultaneously carrying the texts of the original authorities, is particularly helpful in estimating the value of Islamic Principle of the Law.
₹ 125.00