Hinduism and Islam (A Comparative Study) – (English) – (PB)


Hinduism and Islam are very prominent among the major religions of the world. In view of the current socio-communal situation in India, which has among its inhabitants most of the Hindu population as well as a major portion of the Muslim minority of the world. The Author Name(s) felt it necessary to undertake a study dwelling upon the basic elements of these two religions in a concise form. The book is the outcome of this endeavour. The purpose of the Author Name(s) is to provoke a dialogue between the followers of these two religions. Such a dialogue seems long overdue when we consider the communal situation in India where Hindus and Muslims are constantly at loggerheads with each other causing colossal losses in lives and property and tarnishing the image of the country at the global level. In a country where people have started advocating the ban of death penalty no conscience should allow such incidents to oCCur any more.

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