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This book is a collection of articles, lectures, speeches, and talks that the author gave at different places for a number of years covering serveral topics like, Introduction of Islam, Details about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Life in Grave, Development of Islamic Society etc. These articles are of great importance to Muslims and non-Muslims.
This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees).

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” When an author writes a book on a particular subject and on a particular theme, it would be easy for him to give a title to his book. At the same time it would be easy to subdivide the book into different chapters. Moreover, he would be able to write the introduction to his book.
However, it is very difficult for that author to do all these items when he has a series of lectures, speeches and talks at different times, and different places and on different subjects. It is not easy for him to choose a title for his book. At the same time it is difficult to synchronize the chapters of his book in any reasonable order. Finally, he finds himself very awkward when he is to write an introduction to his book.
The same applies here to this author. This book is a collection of articles, lectures, speeches and talks that the author gave at different places for a number of years. These articles are of great importance to Muslims and non-Muslims. The audience that heard or read some of them were very limited. It was brought to the attention of the author to collect these articles together in a book form. In so doing more people will benefit from them.
Upon the request of good friends, the author tried his best to put some of them together in a book form It was difficult as to -which articles to include or to eliminate and it was difficult to put them in a sequential order. However, nothing is impossible.
This particular book (in the opinion of the author) is very important and interesting. While reviewing these articles, the author himself learned so many things that he forgot himself. These articles are of great benefit to many groups of individuals in the society. Some of these articles are purely religious while others are social, educational, political and interfaith.
It was found out that the number of articles are too many to be included in one book. They were grouped into three different books. They are called: Islamic Awareness, Islamic Perspective, and Islamic Understanding.
The first book includes the following chapters: Introducing Islam, Muhammad the Messenger of Peace, Privileges of Muhammad, Significance of Muharram, Development of Islamic Personality, Characteristics of Islamic Society, Characteristics of the Muslim Community in America, Islamic Education in America, Wrong Image of a Da’iyah, Coordination of Da’wah, and Life in the Grave.
It is a humble effort, and we hope and pray that a good number of people in the society will make use of this book and benefit from these articles. Our thanks go to the readers who shall devote the time and effort to read this book.

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