Tohfa-e-Dulhan – (Urdu/Arabic) – (PB)

By: Muhammad Haneef


“Allah has created man and woman as couples so that they may effectively assist each other to lead their lives in a manner that please Allah. It is a blessing of leading such a life full of prosperity and happiness in this world coupled with delight when standing before Allah on the Day of Qiyaamah. As a result of this, eternal happiness in Jannah will be secured. However, this can be achieved only when both husband and wife fulfil each other’s rights with the intention of pleasing Allah. Furthermore, the basis of preserving love and affection between the couple depends more on the wisdom, tolerance and pleasant nature of the wife. A pleasant and good-natured wife easily converts a home of this world into a garden of Jannah. On the contrary, a miserable and ill-natured wife can turn a home into a pit of Jahannam. Not only does she suffer the consequences of her behavior, but so does the husband together with both their families. Maulana Mufti Muhammed Haneef has written this book so that married couples may glean from its light and create an atmosphere of love, compassion and serenity in their homes. In doing this, they will be blessed with the bounties of the Aakhirah. May Allah make the book beneficial to the Ummah. The Most valuable asset in the world is a pious wife.

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