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Abaqat of Shah Muhammad Ismail Shahid - (English) - (HB)

“ ‘ABAQAT ” is an exposition of SATAAT AND LAMAHAT of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi. It is a reliable guide towards the understanding of the Philosophy of Shah Sahib. The author has clearly shown where his grand-father has excelled the Philosophers in general. It is indeed their lost thing, wherever they were to find it, it is their right to have it. In addition, the author has brought in some useful points he had gained through his personal experience. The study of this book is strongly recommended for persons having Philosophical and mystical bend of mind.
₹ 225.00

ALGhazali on Divine Predicates and their properties - (English) - (HB)

In Islam, the question of the Divine Attributes has been treated from various perspectives. In the beginning it was viewed primarily as a semantic and metaphysical problem. A later introduction, its logical aspect, however, was its most important side. The translator attempts to treat the problem with this logical aspect predominantly in mind. Limited both by the scope of this work and by the task of bringing this vast material into reasonable compass, he confines himself to the treatment of the problem as it unfolds in Islamic Peripatetic thought, and the Ash’arite school, with Ghazali being the major representative of the latter. He tests the validity of some of Ghazali’s statements in Iqtisad against the former schools and his findings in Plato and Aristotle. Iqtisad is Ghazali’s most sophisticated major work on Kalam. He himself holds Iqtisad in high esteem.
₹ 125.00

An English translation of sataat - (English) - (PB)

"Sata'at is one of the famous works of Shah Waliyullah on mystical philosophy. Though small in volume, it throws sufficient light on the subject. It mostly deals with the life after death and the system of Divine manifestations working in the universe, quoting frequently from the Quran in support of the argument the author advances. This is the first English translation of Sata'at."
₹ 40.00

Futuh Al-Ghaib (The Revelations in the Unseen) - (English) - (PB)

"This book is a collection Eighty discourses originally written by Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani translated by M. Aftab-ud-din Ahmad. The purpose of this book is open the eyes of the people to a higher vision and lessen the heat of the ruinous competition in the field of material acquisition. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 70.00

IBN Bajjahs ILM Al-Nafs - (English) - (HB)

It is a philosophical treatise translated into English of Ibn Bajjah’s Kitab al-Nafs. The book has been divided into four faculties contains eleven chapters. In the end of this work the commentator has given the notes and references about the main points to make it applicable and comprehensive.
₹ 200.00

Kitab Sirr Al-Asrar Wa Mazhar Al-Anwar - (English) - (PB)

"Conventionally the word ""Sufi"" is considered synonymous with the word ""mystic"". But the word ""Sufi"", as used in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu, has a religious connotation. According to the Sufis themselves, the word is derived from an Arabic root ""safa"" (purity). They opine the sufi is he who keeps his heart pure with God. The Sufis claim to have inherited their doctrines direct from the teachings of the holy Prophet, who, strictly speaking, has given no dogmatic or mystical theology.. The fundamental of sufism is God, Man and the relation between them, which is Love. The whole sufi theosophy revolves on these three pivots. From God sprang the theory of tawhid (divine unity), of nur (divine light), of zat wa sifat (divine essence and attributes) and the theory of hama ust (all is He). From man emerged the theories of ruh (soul), qurbat (divine proximity), hulul (infusion of divine spirit). From ""the relation between God and Man"" the Idea of Ishq (divine love), Fana (self-annihilation), Baqa (abiding in God), etc. came into being. Hence the Sufis believe in the real one God who is all merciful and loving and whom a man can approach with a loving heart. "
₹ 40.00

Letters From A Sufi Teacher - (English) - (PB)

Letters From A Sufi Teacher being an abridged translation of the celebrated Maktubat-e-Sadi or the collection of one hundred letters covering different topics of spiritual training written by one of the eminent Sufis of the sub-continent.
₹ 90.00

Letters of Al-Ghazzali - (English) - (PB)

Imam Ghazzali was a Sufi in spirit. He was a philosopher and true adviser of those who were divert from their religious, political and social ways of life. He was a true reformer. He endeavoured to change the motives of those who exploited the people by their absolute powers. In this work all these matters are pointed out by the translator, presented through the letters, addressed to the authorities by Al-Ghazzali.
₹ 95.00

Ma-aarif-e-Mathnavi - (English) - (PB)

"The book consists of commentary in English on the Poems and the rhymes of Moulana Rumi (RA). This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 120.00

Mujaddid alf thani sirhindi - (English) - (PB)

Though, this valuable treatise describes, in brief, the biographical sketch, the far- reaching movement and revolutionary reform of the greatest mystic and renewer of the second millennium of Islamic era, Shaikh Ahmad  Sirhindi, well known as Mujaddid Alf Thani; but the main theme of thesis dominates the Mujaddid's conception of Tawheed in contrast to a widely accepted doctrine of Ibn Arabi's Wahdat-ul- Wajud or unityism. Mujaddid's opposition is not based on theological dogma but on direct mystic experience, which turned the tide, entirely, to the Kitab-o-Sunnat as the only genuine source of Islamic learnings. Further, there are certain scholary receptions by both mystics and theologians of outstanding eminence such as syed Ahmed Shaheed barailwy and Shah Walilullah Muhaddis Dehelwi, which are undoubtedly very interesting and helpful for deep study and careful scrutiny of religious philosophy. 
₹ 120.00

Notes on Iqbal

"These valuable notes would have been lost to the literary world but for prof. Arthur J. Arberry, who by chance came across a copy of Dr. Nicholson's Translation of Assar-e-Khudi containing correction and annotations in Allamah Muhammad Iqbal's own hand writing. He found that some most interesting notes had not been included so far, which not only throw light upon important aspects of Allahma's Philosophy and illuminated poetic art, but quite helpful to assist the future scholars for their undertakings."
₹ 30.00

Pearls of wisdom (Some Sayings of the Great Sufis and their Short Biographies) - (English) - (HB)

This book is a selection of the life history of Sufi saints, their teachings and thoughts. The main object of this book is to give an opportunity of spiritual benefit and spiritual purification to those who are inclined to follow the simplicity of Sufi’s lives, their advice and teachings. It is not limited to particular faith, but persons of all faiths can be benefited by them.
₹ 90.00

Rumi The Persian Mystics - (English) - (PB)

A short life-sketch inscribed on poetic temperament and wise saying of all time great mystics, the wisdom of East, Jalaluddin Rumi may not only enhance goodwill between the old world of thought and new of action but revive the true spirit of charity as well.
₹ 90.00

Selected Poems from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz - (English) - (PB)

The Divani Shamsi Tabriz is a master piece of Persian literature and a classic work in the history of Sufism. With his Masnavi it is one of the key writings of the renowned mystic poet Jalalu’ddin Rumi (1207-73).Professor Nicholson’s English translation of selected poems from the Divan of Rumi is the best-known version in a European language but it has been unobtainable for a number of years. It is now again made available, for scholars and students of Persian literature and to all those interested in the mystical literature of Islam. The Persian text is printed with facing English translations, and there are copious notes, a lengthy introduction, appendices and index.
₹ 200.00

Shah Wali Allah Of Delhi - (English) - (PB)

The Conclusive Argument from God is the master work of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi (1762), considered to be the most important Muslim thinker of pre-modern South Asia. This work, originally written in Arabic, represents a synthesis of the Islamic intellectual disciplines authoritative in the eighteenth century.In order to argue for the rational, ethical and spiritual basis for the implementation of the Hadith injunctions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Shah Wali Allah develops a cohesive scheme of the metaphysical, psychological, and social knowledge of his time. This work provides an extensive and detailed picture of Muslim theology and interpretive strategies on the eve of the modern period and is still evoked by numerous contemporary Islamic thinkers. Marcia K. Hermansen, Ph. D. (1982) in Islamic Studies, University of Chicago, is Professor at Theology Department, Loyola University,  Chicago. She has published numerous articles on classical Islamic thought, mysticism, Islam in South Asia, Muslims in North America, and other topics.
₹ 425.00

Some Moral and Religious Teachings of Imam Al Ghazali - (English/Arabic) - (HB)

The book, besides giving the reader a correct idea of Ghazzali’s approach to various religious questions, will also arouse the interest of the reader to study Ghazzali’s work more intimately and at first hand. His approach is always the lifting of the veil from the eyes of the heart so as to see the mysterious relation between man and Maker and to be filled with a sense of awe and reverence in the presence of an Omnipotent Holy Being Who pervades an universe.
₹ 50.00

Studies in Tasawwuf - (English) - (PB)

Mr. Khaja Khan, who has in these pages thrown a great deal of illuminating light on various points in esoteric Islam, popularly known under the name of Tasawwuf Theosophy.Chapter II to V deal with the descent of man-Tanazzulat-i-Sitta (the six devolutions); and Chapter VI to XI relate to his ascent; Chapter XII treats of the history of the subject, and Chapter XIII is a comparative study of the same. A life of the makers of Tasawwuf, or at least of those eminent men mentioned in book was also a desideratum.
₹ 180.00

Sufis of India,Pakistan and Bangladesh (Set of 3 Vol.) - (English) - (HB)

The triple volume workds “Sufis of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh” is a comprehensive biographical analysis of the prominent Sufis of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. First and second volumes describe the life and works of Indian Sufis in alphabetical order. The mystical philosophy of Indian Sufis is based on three cardinal doctrines of muhabbat or the love of God, marifa, or the knowledge of God, and tawhid or the Unification of God. Love is the sole means of Sufis unification with God and therefore he disassociates himself from everything save God. Love of God results in the attainment of the knowledge of Divine Essence. This triple volume works “Sufis of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh” highlights on the biographical outline of the prominent Sufis of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Third volume describes the life and philosophy of the Sufis Pakistan and Bangladesh. They played very important role in spreading of Islam in eastern part of Indian sub-continent. Their mystical ideology based on three cardinal doctrines of muhabbat or the love of God, marifa, or the knowledge of God, and tawhid or the Unification of god. 
₹ 750.00

Sufism An Introduction - (English) - (PB)

In this book, Sufism an Introduction, the author focuses on the continuing relevance of Sufism, which is increasingly acknowledged as a spiritual answer to modern materialism. As an introductory guide, it offers students a lucid account of the origin, development and distinguishing features of the major Sufi orders, and their impact on the development of Islamic tradition. In its examinations of their organization, it presents in detail their various rituals, practices and ceremonies. Highlighting the relevance of Sufism in modern life, it concludes with a chapter on meditation and Zikr (remembrance of God), the central part of the Sufi tradition.
₹ 80.00

Tadhkaratul Aulia or Memories of Saints - (English)

In this eloquent treatise a brief life-sketch and teachings of sixty-two Sufi saints have been presented in simple language. One who wants to seek God, will find the way going through the teachings of the great saints.
₹ 150.00

Teaching of Hadrat Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis Dehlvi - (English) - (PB)

The notable personality of Hazrat Shah Waliyullah is well- known to men of learning, for enough has been written on him in Urdu language, but strangely enough no attempt was made to present his teachings of to the English readership. The present is the first work in English language. The author has made an earnest effort to see that no important item of his teaching is left out of mention.
₹ 160.00

The Book of Knowledge (Al-Ghazzali) - (English) - (PB)

Imam Ghazzali, the intellectual giant among Muslim scholars, deals thoroughly with the intrinsic value and vast dimensions of knowledge and learning and at the same time deals, in his forthright manner, with the science of religion as well as forceful refutation of the Greek and roman Philosophy drawing inspiration and support from Quran and Hadith. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees).
₹ 90.00

The Doctrine of the sufis - (English) - (HB)

The book begins with a discussion of the meaning and proposed derivations of the term Sufi and enumerates names of the great Sufis. It then states the tenets of Islam, as accepted by the Sufis and tries to prove that Sufism as a system lies within and not without the bounds of orthodoxy. Further it discusses the various stations of the Sufis such as fear, hope, love, etc. and also discusses the “technical terms” of the Sufis. The book concludes with descriptions of the various phenomena of Sufism, and of the miraculous dispensations accorded to the Sufis by God. In fact this is the most valuable and important work on Sufism.
₹ 200.00

The Secrets of The Self (Asrar -i-Khudi) - (English)

This is a philosophical poem. While Hindu Philosophers, in explaining the doctrine of the unity of being, addressed themselves to the head, Iqbal, like the Persian poets who teach the same doctrine, takes a more dangerous course and aims at the heart. He is no mean poet, and his verse can raise or persuade even if his logic fails to convince.
₹ 100.00

Three Indispensable Virtues - (English) - (PB)

"This booklet is mainly emphasized on the vital importance of (1) Repentance [Tawba], (2) Sincere devotion [Ikhlas], and (3) The Abandonment of hypocritical display [Riya']. To be a good Muslim and human being, it is a must for every man and woman to adopt and practice these three vital things so that his/her deeds could be accepted in the sight of Allah and he/she could get the reward in the Aakhira."
₹ 30.00

Understanding Sufism - (English) - (PB)

"“Understanding Sufism” makes a humble attempt to offer an introduction of some of the major ideas of some great masters who have illuminated the Sufi path by outlining some of the basic concepts as well as the life and work of some of the most famous Sufis. This book is a product of Islamic Book Service Pvt Ltd, which focuses on publishing Islamic Books under the light of Quran and Hadeeth (Hadees)."
₹ 150.00